Bridging Gaps, Building Futures: Becor Designs Takes Center Stage in Pursuit of Growth Funding

In the heart of innovation, Becor Designs stepped into the spotlight, presenting a compelling case for its expansion and future impact. At a recent pitch event hosted by the Danish Industry, our founder, Joel Kivuva, took the stage to share the story of Becor Designs and its vision for transforming the digital landscape.

With a mission to be a leading digital agency, empowering businesses through reliable and innovative solutions, the pitch highlighted key strengths that position Becor Designs as a rising star in the digital economy.

The presentation delved into our unique selling proposition, emphasizing the quality talent in Kenya, the significant cost advantage we offer, and the proven success of our collaboration model, as demonstrated by our recent venture with The Pearl Dream.

The financial requirements outlined a roadmap for capital injection that aims to not only expand our talent pool and infrastructure but also to set up company structures to international standards, gaining the capacity to scale. The goal is to enhance our marketing efforts, reach a wider audience, and facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborations.

The pitch event, attended by esteemed figures including Lars Sandahl (Global CEO, DI) and Thomas Sylvest (private Danish investor), provided an opportunity for Becor Designs to showcase its exponential growth potential, diversified portfolio, and global impact.

Looking forward, the blog post explores the upcoming steps, the potential questions from investors, and the impact that funding could have on Becor Designs’ journey.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate the exciting path ahead, empowered by the support of our network, collaborators, and potential investors.

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