How to Build Your Brand Credibility In Kenya.

You desire credibility for your brand. Trust is a crucial component of credibility, which is essential for inbound marketing success. There are numerous ways to acquire this credibility. While being educated and a resource for prospects are the cornerstones of credibility, the good news is that you don’t need to provide copious amounts of information to be taken seriously. The adequacy, zeal, and consistency of the information offered to determine its credibility.

how to build brand credibility in kenya

Knowledge is the cornerstone of your credibility, as we mentioned previously. No matter what else you do or say, you lack credibility if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Focus is yet another crucial component of credibility. Focus here refers to your ability to provide information to your audience without straying or digressing. You should project the impression that your expertise, strategy, and ideas are unwavering.

People who are enthusiastic about a topic or product tend to be seen as more credible than those who are merely uninterested in it. A lack of love for your brand will make building credibility much more difficult.

The ability to show that you care is arguably the most crucial component in developing the credibility of your startup. Your ability to demonstrate an active interest in the welfare of your audience can help you establish credibility online. Showing your audience that you care about them is the single most important thing you can do to establish trust, regardless of what you’re doing online—building a blog, engaging with readers, promoting a product, or having a conversation on social media.

How to Gain Credibility and Create a Brand Identity

What your brand says, your values, how you talk about your product, and how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand make up your brand identity. This brand identity acts as a promise to your customers and is the essence of your company.

Long after the sale is complete, your client’s perception of your goods remains with them. The process of creating such an impression is known as brand identity. A strong brand identity is made up of several elements.


Here are some of our favorite strategies for establishing and maintaining your brand’s trust over time.

1. Possess a recognizable brand identity

In addition to making your product more recognizable, developing your brand identity gives your company greater market authority. A brand builds credibility among its rivals and customer trust by establishing a face and maintaining that face over time.

2. Interact with a group of influential people

Focus on resharing and leaving comments on articles written by thought leaders in your niche as you establish an online presence. By participating in social media, you demonstrate your understanding of and respect for others in your immediate vicinity who are knowledgeable in their field. Using their knowledge and skills shows that you are a reputable source.

3. Finish your schoolwork

Sharing information without reading it or leaving comments on it without fully understanding its meaning comes off as dishonest. Make sure you understand what you’re sharing so that you can interact with others in a deliberate and meaningful manner.

4. Employ inbound marketing strategies

Using inbound marketing strategies aids in establishing a trustworthy reputation. Going inbound pushes you to write with a human voice, to use the same content consistently across all of your channels, and to stay with it.

5. Avoid overt sales tactics

Promote your brand through content marketing without any advertising to win over more customers. Before making any purchases, consumers want to be sure they have credible information. Understand where your prospects are in the marketing funnel. In this manner, you may interact with them and meet them where they are in the buying process. Although it might take longer, trust eventually develops and builds.

Your dedication to quality and perfection is a result of your devotion to credibility. They will eventually begin to believe in and trust your product and service if you provide the appropriate results to the right audience over time.

6. Be approachable and readily available

Make sure you are always reachable to your clients and that you enable them to communicate with you directly if you want to develop the trust that develops credibility for your business. Every time a customer asks a question and doesn’t receive a prompt response, you lose credibility.

You need to set up a full-featured customer-service infrastructure to accommodate your clients’ accessibility. Use helpdesk software, go to conferences and events, and try to provide timely, courteous service. This improves your likeability and gives your clients support. The foundation for developing the trust and credibility we’ve been discussing is provided by this support.

7. Create a quality product

Decisions to buy are frequently made based on feeling rather than reason. To make their purchase worthwhile, you must ensure that your product is of exceptional quality. No matter how great the game you’re selling is, if your product or service is subpar, people will complain. As a result, there is mistrust and diminished credibility.

8. Be truthful and open-minded

Being transparent will help you build more credibility. That entails identifying and being honest about the advantages and disadvantages of your startup. Direct a potential buyer to another brand if yours isn’t the best fit for them. This establishes your reputation and ensures that they’ll return when the time is appropriate because it demonstrates that you care about the consumer and their requirements, not just closing the deal.

Similarly, if there is a breach of trust or credibility, such as a data breach or a defective product, you may be able to recover if you’ve generated enough consumer goodwill, showing that you’re willing to address any issues, and fostered a strong belief in your merchandise and level of customer service. If required, express regret and acknowledge the situation. When appropriate, express your regret, accept the error of the brand, and fully describe the steps you are taking to earn back your customers’ trust.

In summary

Building brand credibility is crucial to a business’s success. If you work to apply marketing best practices and are consistent, honest, and transparent, you will be well on your way to building a brand that your clients and potential clients can trust.


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