10 Tips To Create A Digital Presence During COVID-19.

Earlier this year, I presented my regular update with the latest data on Our Predictions For Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2020. 

I certainly did not see a pandemic hitting the world.

Daily routines have therefore changed overnight, more of people’s’ daily and work lives shifted to online, and social media became an even more important tool for connection.

Given the fluid situation around COVID-19, the only certainty is that audience behavior will continue to change dramatically over the next few weeks and months.

In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy.

When the crisis is over, how you create a digital presence for your brand will be the deciding factor in whether you make it through the tough times ahead.

The unprecedented, almost-total disappearance of all channels related to living events and conferences, and the increasing barriers on face-to-face business, pose an enormous challenge.

The Only Way is to have a constant online presence and to provide empathy and value to your audience.

How Do You Get Started on Establishing An Online Presence?

Creating an online presence during covid-19



1. Familiarize yourself with the digital marketing trends in 2020

Digital marketing is constantly evolving – what used to be important and relevant yesterday might be meaningless and outdated tomorrow.

To help you keep up with the ever-changing landscape, check out this excellent blog that will help you build successful marketing campaigns in 2020.

Becor Designs2020

2. Understand the popularity of different marketing channels

Data never sleeps!

There is so much information generated by different marketing platforms every single minute of the day.

I was honestly surprised to learn there are 188 million emails sent and a whopping 4,5 million Google searches performed every minute.

Becor Designs 2020

3. Revise your strategy based on 2020 social media statistics

Social media is growing and changing rapidly. Not only are new platforms emerging, but user demographics and behavior change just as much.

That’s why it is super important to keep track of social media statistics and revise your strategy based on their usage habits.

Becor Designs Digital 2020

4. Discover the best times to post on social media in 2020

Since the advent of social media, marketers have been trying to figure out the magical time to post in order to maximize engagement, boost reach, and generate more leads.

Truth is – that time is different for everyone.

But it’s still beneficial to know the average best time based on overall engagement.

Best marketing Becor 2020

5. Check if your media dimensions are up to update

If you are not sure what size the images and videos of your social media posts should be in 2020, do your research. Here is a simple guideline for Facebook.

Becor Marketing for corornavirus

6. Learn how to get the most out of influencer marketing in 2020

Influencer marketing was booming in the past few years and it is still evolving every day.

With the majority of digital marketing professionals and brands claiming they are willing to increase the budgets of influencer marketing, I have a very useful blog about the key social media influencer trends to look out for!

Best marketing becor strategies

7. Optimize your website based on SEO trends for 2020

Say what you want, but the constant battle between PPC and SEO isn’t over.

On the contrary, it’s getting harsher by the minute, and no one in their right mind could argue against the importance of search engine optimization this year.

Check this blog to understand the latest SEO trends that will help you bee on the top of a search engine!

Becor designs content marketing

8. Make sure you’re ready for the mobile takeover

The number of actions taken on mobile phones is growing rapidly: we’re no longer passively browsing, but also shopping, wiring money, voting, etc.

That’s why it is more important than ever to make sure your mobile presence isn’t lacking and maybe even try some cool new things, like AR or VR.


Becor desigms AI marketing

9. Spice up your 2020 content marketing strategy with visuals

Content marketing is literally everywhere: from social media posts to this article you’re reading right now!

But those specializing in the field should know that it’s not enough to be savvy with words anymore.

If you want your content to be truly shareable and engaging, you must embrace visuals.

This informative article dives right into the statistics and trends of visual content marketing for 2019.

Best marketing becor designs 2020

10. Follow best email marketing practices for 2020

Email marketing, the underdog of the past couple of years, is coming back full throttle this year.

With segmentation and personalization at the top of the list, there are also other trends that you should hop on, like drip campaigns, auto-responders, etc.

Best marketing practices 2020


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