Impact of Cloud Hosting Service choice on your site and SEO ranking

Switching to a cloud hosting service is always a progressive move for every business. It is the most advanced fast-tracking activity that will improve the online presence of any company. And yes, undoubtedly, boosting SEO ranking of a website is one of the most noteworthy ways to increase your business and improve revenue.

Here, we’ve have come up with the following certain factors that impact a cloud-based hosting in SEO:

Increase Page Load Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most important factors considered in SEO ranking and user experience. It is one of the principal factor and the most powerful criteria used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is the onsite SEO checklist that determines how your website ranks in search engine. Cloud hosting significantly improve the loading speed, thus, raises the chances of a site for better ranking. Therefore, any website having a fast loading speed is always rated to be best for visitors and business. Hence, switching a cloud-based host will greatly increase your website loading speed.

Bots Protection

A malicious, automated script or bots such as; scraping bots or a link spamming bots can infect any site and that can further impact a negative influence on SEO ranking. Therefore, signing up for a cloud hosting service, your website gets guaranteed protection from these kinds of a malicious bot.

Location of Hosting

Another major factor that influences SEO ranking is the hosting location. Search engines will give typically a higher priority to the servers that are hosted locally when determining the page rank. For example, if the user lives in KENYA and searches in google for any site, then the user will come up with the list of sites resulting that with extensions first and then that of .com. or any other versions. And these factors are mostly considered in SEO for small business. However, with cloud hosting it has become very easy to carter multiple geographical location sites at very affordable cost, as a website hosted with a cloud, don’t have a geo-located footprint.


According to analytical metrics used by leading search engines such as Google, user experience is one of the vital parameters to decide search engine ranking position. User experience can be attributed to many factors that include, engaging content, and faster-loading pages.

Cloud hosting is regarded to accelerate page loading speeds and it can be considered as a better alternative to traditional hosting for search engine optimization. Cloud hosting is also responsible for effective circulation of various online resources to improve user experience.

On-demand scalability is one of the major features of cloud hosting. Traditional hosting is not able to handle sudden fluctuations in traffic and may result in slow down. This can adversely impact user experience. On the other hand, wide variation in demand and traffic surges are dexterously managed by Cloud hosting due to instant resource scaling to offer a gratifying user experience.

The proximity of server resources can also impact faster page loading. This is achieved by multiple servers positioned in various geographical locations in a cloud network. Page loading is further augmented by provisioning of cloud Content Delivery Networks that consist of edge servers for deep penetration into target market segments.

In addition to these factors on should also appreciate multi-redundant cloud network that enhances online visibility more efficiently than traditional hosting.

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