5 Ways To Get The Most ROI From Your Marketing Budget.

Organic reach has really been hard lately so many businesses are turning to Paid adverts to reach bigger audiences.

You have to take care of your budget because of businesses re-shifting expectations when it comes to return on investment.

These days, metrics on social media are not in terms of only likes, followers, or retweets.

Metrics are measured in terms of return on investment. That means that you should re-evaluate your approach.

To reap amazing results as you used to from organic reach, you have to spend money on paid Ads and measure your ROI.

So how do you prove social media ROI when running an Ad campaign?

1) Come up with metrics in advance

Like I said above, the number of followers and likes are vanity metrics that you should not put so much focus on.

However, they play an important role in measuring engagement in the success of the top of the sales funnel.

Look at how users are interacting with your ads. Are people downloading your freebies?

Are people completing the sign-up forms? Are people buying your products? This is what is actually meaningful to your business.


2) Become selective with posts

Please don’t just guess the posts and content you choose to run as ads.

Choose posts that have a higher potential in driving engagement and interactions.

Social media platforms like Falcon will really help you keep track of your performance and make the right decisions on where to invest your money and get the best return on investment.


3) Input is very important

Look for more insightful information.

So instead of just focusing on social media, ask for support provisions, customer experience, and product quality.

Other departments in your business should also contribute to getting insights on what they would like to see.

I know some information is hard to quantify but if the insights help boost efficiency or cut costs, your social media ROI naturally increases.


4) Learn to be flexible

The whole point of looking at insights is so that you can adjust your ad campaigns along the way.

Your collection and analysis routines have to be flexible if you want your ROI to improve.

Learn to be flexible and adjust how and where your budget will be allocated.


 5) Implement technology effectively

Your business needs to have a platform that will centralize your operations on tracking the value of your ad spend.

This is especially important if you are executing a comprehensive and multi-platform campaign.

A high-level view like this will help you assess social media ROI until the campaign has been completed, the PPC budget is spent and all statistics are collected and collated from each separate ad tool.

From a good platform, you can get a bigger picture of the data that you need to prove social media ROI from your entire program not just a facet of it.

This information will allow you to make an informed decision for a maximum return on ad spend.



Mastering the amount of money to spend on Ads is a bit difficult especially if you do not have real-time analytics to assess your performance.

Social media ROI is more than simply keeping the department and your seniors happy about budget spend.

Measuring and acting upon social media ROI information can be applied immediately in a way that less organized and less statistical competitors cannot.

Managed properly, social media ROI can be your business’ secret competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

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