Cargo Tracking System Fact Sheet


Creative Design


The Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System Fact Sheet was developed to provide a succinct and informative summary of the performance and impact of the cargo tracking system over the past six months. The fact sheet aimed to highlight key metrics and achievements in a format that is easily accessible and digestible for stakeholders.

Key Features:

We focused on distilling comprehensive data and analytical insights from the bi-annual report into a concise fact sheet. Our objective was to create a document that effectively communicated the essential information without overwhelming the reader.

Design Concept:

  1. Key Metrics Highlighted: The fact sheet prominently featured the most significant metrics and achievements of the RECTS. These included statistics on cargo movements, security incidents, and system efficiencies, presented in a clear and concise manner.
  2. Visual Clarity: We employed clean and simple design elements to enhance readability. The use of bullet points, headers, and subheaders allowed for easy navigation of the content.
  3. Engaging Infographics: To complement the text, we included small, impactful infographics that visually represented key data points. This helped to quickly convey complex information in a more understandable way.
  4. Structured Layout: The fact sheet followed a structured layout, starting with an introduction to the RECTS, followed by detailed performance metrics, key achievements, and a summary of the benefits and future outlook.

Execution and Delivery:

We worked closely with the RECTS project team to identify the most significant data points and insights to be featured in the fact sheet. Through iterative feedback and revisions, we ensured that the final design accurately represented the report’s findings while being visually appealing and easy to understand. The completed infographic was designed for digital distribution and print, making it versatile for various communication channels.


The Fact Sheet effectively communicated the performance and impact of the cargo tracking system to stakeholders, aiding in decision-making and highlighting the system’s contributions to regional trade efficiency and security.

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