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Project Overview:

DrumFIT, a dynamic fitness company, sought to revamp its online presence and enhance its website’s look and feel. I joined a team of skilled developers under the guidance of contractor Rafael to achieve this goal. The project involved front-end development, ensuring responsiveness, and resolving styling issues in a WordPress environment. The ultimate objective was to align the website with high-quality wireframes and prepare it for a successful launch, particularly in the UK market.

Client Requirements:

  • Responsive Page Development: Our primary task was to translate Zeplin wireframes into responsive web pages. This included meticulous attention to detail and ensuring the mobile and desktop versions matched the wireframes’ fidelity.
  • Frontend Enhancement: Our role involved strengthening the website’s frontend, addressing existing bugs, and improving overall quality. The client’s need for high-quality aesthetics and sharp design was pivotal to this task.
  • Font Management: The project involved supporting various font types and stylesheets for different pages. The challenge was to implement an elegant solution to ensure consistency across the website.

Workflow and Tools:

  • Development Environment: We operated in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), collaborating with a group of developers.
  • Version Control: GitHub was used to manage version control, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • Project Management: Trello served as the project management tool for organizing tasks and keeping the client in the loop.

Collaboration with Project Lead:

We closely collaborated with the Project Lead, who provided critical guidance and managed the project efficiently. The project-specific emails exchanged between us and him included discussions on fonts, workflow, project timelines, and tools to be employed. The transition to the Elementor page builder was also discussed and incorporated into the workflow.


The project presented several challenges, including the need to support diverse font types and manage various stylesheets across pages. Additionally, the client’s expectation for high-quality design and responsiveness added complexity to the task.


The collaborative effort to revamp DrumFIT’s website yielded impressive results:

  • Responsive Design: Zeplin wireframes were meticulously implemented, ensuring high fidelity on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Frontend Excellence: Existing styling issues were addressed, resulting in a sharp and high-quality appearance, aligning with the client’s expectations.
  • Font Management: An elegant solution was devised to manage different font types and stylesheets across pages, ensuring consistency and an appealing user experience.

The DrumFIT website emerged as a visually appealing and responsive online platform, well-prepared for a successful launch, especially in the UK market. The project’s successful outcome was a testament to effective collaboration, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering high-quality frontend development.

Note: The links to the Stage pages containing the work are no longer available, as the project has progressed and the website has evolved.

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