EAC Customs Strategy 2021 – 2026

East African Community (EAC)

Strategic Plan, Creative, Design


The East African Community (EAC) required a professionally designed document for their 3rd Customs Strategy 2021-2026. This strategic document was pivotal for outlining the EAC’s customs policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing regional integration and trade efficiency among its member states: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Our Approach:

At Becor Designs, we understood the importance of presenting the EAC’s customs strategy in a clear, accessible, and visually appealing format. Our goal was to ensure that the document not only conveyed critical policy information but also reflected the EAC’s commitment to fostering economic growth and cooperation within the region.

Design Concept:

  1. Brand Alignment: We adhered to the EAC’s branding guidelines, incorporating their color scheme, logos, and other visual elements to maintain a cohesive brand identity throughout the document.
  2. Content Structure: To enhance readability and comprehension, we organized the content using clear headings, subheadings, bullet points, and summary sections. Infographics and charts were used to illustrate key data points and strategies.
  3. Visual Engagement: High-quality images, thoughtful use of whitespace, and professional typography were employed to create a visually engaging document that captures the reader’s attention and facilitates understanding.

Execution and Delivery:

Our team collaborated closely with the EAC to understand their strategic objectives and the key messages they needed to convey. Through iterative drafts and feedback sessions, we refined the design to meet their expectations. The final document was prepared for both print and digital formats, ensuring broad accessibility.

The 3rd Customs Strategy 2021-2026 was delivered on schedule, providing the EAC with a robust and visually compelling tool to communicate their customs strategies and initiatives to stakeholders, policymakers, and the public.

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