Mchinji-Mwami One Stop Border Post

Mchinji-Mwami One Stop Border Post (OSBP)

Creative Design


The Mchinji-Mwami One Stop Border Post (OSBP) required visually impactful and informative promotional materials, including a poster and a roll-up banner. The goal was to communicate the enhanced efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of the new border-crossing clearance procedures and processes.

Our Approach:

At Becor Designs, we focused on creating materials that would clearly and compellingly convey the benefits of the new OSBP system. The design needed to be eye-catching to attract the attention of border users while providing concise, relevant information that would highlight the improved border crossing experience.

Design Concept:

  1. Clear Messaging: The poster and roll-up banner emphasized key benefits such as “easier, faster, cheaper, safer, and efficient” border crossing procedures. The slogan “Save Time, Save Money, Be Safe” was prominently featured to immediately communicate the value proposition.
  2. Visual Appeal: To ensure maximum engagement, we used vibrant colors and bold typography. The design included intuitive icons and images depicting streamlined border operations, enhancing the visual impact and clarity of the message.
  3. Informative Content: The materials provided a straightforward overview of the new procedures, ensuring that all necessary information was accessible at a glance. The content was structured to be easily digestible, focusing on the practical benefits for border users.

Execution and Delivery:

Our design process involved close collaboration with stakeholders to understand the specific requirements and objectives of the OSBP project. We developed several design iterations, incorporating feedback to refine the visuals and messaging. The final designs were produced to high standards, ensuring they were suitable for both digital and print formats.

  1. Poster: The poster was designed to be placed in high-traffic areas, providing a quick and clear overview of the new border crossing benefits. It featured large, legible text and compelling visuals to attract and inform viewers.
  2. Roll-Up Banner: The roll-up banner was created for use at events, border posts, and other strategic locations. It provided a portable and prominent display of the key messages, designed to capture attention and communicate the improved processes effectively.

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