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David Martinez

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Melabella Honey, a local honey company with apiaries in Forsyth and Gwinnett counties, Georgia, approached Becor Designs in September, 2023 seeking a brand new website development. Dr. David Martinez, a veterinarian turned beekeeper, founded Melabella in 2022 with a mission to deliver high-quality local raw honey and bee-derived products while sharing a passion for the honeybee. With a professional logo already in place, Dr. Martinez entrusted Becor Designs to translate his vision into a digital representation.


Dr. Martinez’s unique background as a veterinarian turned beekeeper presented an opportunity to create a website that not only showcased Melabella’s exceptional honey products but also highlighted the commitment to the well-being of honeybees. The challenge was to create a clean and elegant website that captured the essence of Melabella’s brand while incorporating the vibrant colors of the existing logo.


Becor Designs was given creative freedom by the client, with the primary goal of representing Melabella’s brand in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. The scope included:

  • Designing and developing a new website with an emphasis on cleanliness and elegance.
  • Incorporating the existing logo’s vibrant colors into the overall theme.
  • Ensuring the website is optimized for SEO to enhance online visibility.


With a client who trusted their judgment and experience, Becor Designs took inspiration from Melabella’s professionally developed logo. The color palette of the logo served as the foundation for the website’s design, creating a harmonious and visually appealing user experience.


The website was built to reflect Melabella’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Key features include:

  • A clean and intuitive user interface.
  • Integration of the vibrant logo colors throughout the site.
  • SEO optimization to improve online visibility and reach a wider audience.


Dr. Martinez’s initial feedback upon seeing the completed website was one of amazement. The final product successfully captures the essence of Melabella Honey, presenting a visually stunning representation of the brand. The optimized SEO ensures increased online visibility, helping Melabella reach a wider audience.


The collaboration between Becor Designs and Melabella Honey resulted in a website that not only meets the client’s expectations but exceeds them. The visually appealing design, user-friendly interface, and SEO optimization contribute to the overall success of Melabella’s online presence.

Ongoing Relationship:

Becor Designs will continue to provide maintenance and updates to ensure the website remains current and effective. The ongoing partnership reflects the commitment to supporting Melabella Honey’s digital presence and contributing to its continued success.

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