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Our recent collaboration with Themencius Advisory, a consultancy led by founder Lira, a seasoned expat who helps individuals and businesses to navigate conflict in healthy and constructive ways through mediation and conflict resolution focused on revitalizing her online presence. The objective was to develop a website that not only embodies Lira’s expertise but also delivers a seamless experience for her clients and visitors. This project aimed to elevate her online image and facilitate easier access to conflict resolution services.


  • Outdated Website: The existing website was needed a professional revamp and didn’t represent the modern and innovative nature of Lira’s consultancy. It was imperative to modernize the design and experience to align with her conflict resolution expertise.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Given the complexity of conflict resolution and mental health services, we needed to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables visitors to navigate effortlessly through the services, categories, and insights.
  • Responsive Design: Adhering to current web standards, we ensured that the new website was fully responsive. This meant it had to function seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.


  • Bespoke Design: We designed a sophisticated and professional website that harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with Lira’s expertise. Clean and visually appealing, the design communicates trust and competence.
  • Services Showcase: We introduced dedicated sections to showcase Lira’s range of services, enabling clients to gain in-depth insights into the conflict resolution solutions offered.
  • FAQs: A simple frequent questions and answers page was developed to house common questions and answers, enhancing Lira’s authority in the field.
  • Responsive Web Design: Ensuring a seamless experience for all users, we implemented responsive web design, allowing easy access on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Contact and Inquiry Forms: To facilitate communication, we strategically placed contact and inquiry forms throughout the website, simplifying the process of reaching out.
  • Squarespace: We revamped this on her already existing subscription on Squarespace Content Management System empowering Lira to manage her content effortlessly. This includes updating service details, adding articles, and maintaining an up-to-date online presence which she does by herself.


The launch of the new Themencius Advisory website brought a wave of positive changes:

  • Modernized Brand Image: The website now mirrors Lira’s reputation as a modern and innovative conflict mediator and mental health consultant.
  • Streamlined Navigation: The intuitive interface guides visitors to their desired content, whether it’s exploring services or delving into learning more about her.
  • Enhanced Authority: The top notch look and feel creates the right image and positions Lira as a thought leader in the industry, offering valuable insights to clients and peers.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The website’s full responsiveness ensures a flawless experience on all devices, further broadening her online reach.
  • Improved Client Interaction: With integrated maps, contact and inquiry forms, it’s easier than ever for clients to initiate conversations.

The Themencius Advisory website is a testament to our dedication to creating visually impressive, functional, and user-centric websites. It showcases our ability to tailor solutions that meet the distinct requirements of our clients and deliver exceptional online experiences for their target audience.

This case study highlights how our collaboration with Themencius Advisory, led by Lira, revitalized her digital presence and helped her stand out as a trusted conflict resolition and mental health consultant in a competitive market.

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