10 SEO Basics You Need to Master in 2020.

People hear the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and think about complicated work they have to do for their pages to rank. What if I told you that you can master SEO  easily and you never have to struggle again?

Let me break it down to you.

Things you need to master in SEO
Things you need to master in SEO



The first step is to study your competitors and find similar keywords and know about their website.

I recommend Ubersuggest which will show you who is ranking in your niche, the number of backlinks they have, their content and what kind of backlinks they are building just to mention a few.

All these things are that you need to know if you want to rank. Now if you’re just trying to figure this out, and you’re not sure where to get started.

This is a first step to take if you want to rank.


The second step is to organize yourself by preparing, planning and strategizing.

After you have found keywords for your niche, narrow down to the ones that have SEO difficulty of less than 40.

These ones are easy to rank for unlike those with a difficulty of above 40 which are very competitive and your content is highly likely to be swallowed up by the more popular pages.

After you build your business for a while, you will be able to move to the keywords with higher volume.

Also, look out for how many backlinks you need to rank for any given keyword.


Creating Content that is unique within your niche is very important.

There are loads of content about your niche out there so you really need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

If you are doing an SEO campaign, writing content that your audience needs are going to be crucial, even if you’re outsourcing it.

Not good at creating content? Don’t you worry!

Agencies like Becor Designs can help you out big time for a reasonable amount.

You can also outsource from freelance sites like Upwork and Fiver


You need to have basic HTML knowledge too if you want your content to rank. Some of the things you need to learn are:

  • Editing title tags and meta-tags
  • Adding a tracking code on your site like Google Analytics
  • Adding Schema markup like the FAQ

If you don’t know basic HTML, you’re probably going to have to hire a developer.

You want to have a sequence, right? All these things will help you rank higher and higher, from optimizing all tags to other basic things that are really important when it comes to HTML.

So go ahead and contact a Developer.

Bonus Tip!… If you’re using WordPress, you can just use plugins like the Yoast SEO Plugin.

And this allows you to optimize your blog and websites and adjust a lot of this HTML stuff without learning a single line of code.

Literally, you can do a lot of these things with a few clicks.

You are Welcome!


You need to know whether your traffic is converting and that’s where a tracking code like Google Analytics comes in.

The ultimate success of your business solely depends on whether you are measuring your results.

Some of the things to measure are:

  • Where are your users spending most of their time?
  • What kind of content is ranking the highest?
  • Where is most of your traffic coming from?
  • What is your bounce rate and why?
  • How many visitors are returning to your site?
  • Which devices are they using to land on your site?


After doing an analysis, use the data you have acquired to know what you should focus on more and prioritize your tasks to create a greater impact for your ranking.

If you find Google Analytics to be too complicated for you, again you can outsource this for a very affordable price.

You can also start by using Ubersuggest which is less complicated.


SEO changes all the time so if you want the best for your business, you need to keep educating yourself.

Google can do an update, the algorithm can change or you can have competitors who are copying your moves.

Keep up with the latest news on SEO and also learn from other people in the industry as well.

Most importantly, you need to write conclusions from your SEO experiments and understand what are the lessons that you can learn from each success and each failure that you have because not everything you’re doing is going to work out.


Thankfully, most SEO professionals no longer disproportionally focus on single on-page elements.

While the focus has shifted to content and context, there’s still a place for on-page factors and ensuring that tags are unique and present on each page and that content at least addresses topics even if it doesn’t have to be hyper-focused on the frequency and density of specific words.

Having a solid grasp on the on-page factors, how they work together to help build context, and what is fact versus fiction on their true impact on rankings is key.


Featured snippets are boxed answers at the top of search results. I call them the grand prize of SEO.

They give you a large space of SEO that outranks the rest of the organic results, and your page also gets highlighted as the go-to site for particular information too. You will not regret implementing this.

Featured snippets provide a concise, on-the-money answer to search questions.

That means your content has to construct straightforward solutions to these queries.

Google rewards bulleted lists in these positions, so remember to break up your content into manageable steps or points for your readers.


SEO is a long-term process with ongoing developments and a skill to acquire over the long haul so the earlier you get started the better for your business.

My tips to master SEO is your starting point to the journey of generating visibility and gaining revenue for your site.

Becor Designs is an experienced SEO master agency that’s been navigating Internet marketing since 2016.

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