Customer Pain Points: A Guide to Identifying & Leveraging Your Customers’ Problems

When starting your business, I am sure you had a few pain points that you wanted to solve for your prospects. Once you have identified your target audience, it is important that every business identifies issues that this audience finds urgent or frustrating. This major step of understanding customers’ pain points will give you a […]

5 Ways Go-to-Market Strategies Will Change in the Post-Pandemic Economy

  The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a plethora of paradoxes. As the rate of employment has gone down, the stock market has surged. As we find ourselves more socially distant from one another, we’re connecting more than ever with friends and family. And as growth has slowed for many companies, their digital transformation has accelerated. […]

COVID-19 Lowers Search Traffic – Why SEO Is Important Now!

If you are keen on how coronavirus has affected internet use, you will notice that internet use has increased. However, search traffic has dropped significantly. Does this mean that SEO is useless? No its not! From the COVID-19 trends and behaviors I have seen, I am going to share why SEO is still very important […]

Adapting Your 2020 SEO Strategy to the Impact of Coronavirus

You really need to rethink your marketing strategy since the Coronavirus pandemic began. SEO is a big part of this strategy. I know your businesses have been highly affected in terms of website traffic, sales and leads. Organic search has become a zero-sum game and your gains or losses are exactly balanced by the gains […]

How To Identify What Your Customer Really Needs.

Hey there! I know you have come up with a product for your business and you think your product is simply out of the world, of the best quality, and has a lot of benefits. It is good to have this kind of mindset because this is where you expect to get huge returns from […]

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